Ways Homosexuals Can Affect You Negatively

Couldn't tell you how many times we at H.O.M.E. have been asked: "How do people who engage in homosexual activity affect us negatively? What's it to us if people engage in private homosexual activity? What's the big deal?"

Here are some ways the LGBT community can negatively affect you and society in general. Here's why it's a "big deal":

1) They are a serious threat to your free speech rights. They want to classify some non-hateful speech they disagree with as so-called "hate speech" and then they want to ban that speech.

2) If you are an employee who is open, in your private life, about disagreeing with the LGBT agenda, you may be fired by your pro-LGBT employer.

3) They want to force decent moral people to do wrong things via changes in our laws, like letting people who openly take pride in immoral lifestyles adopt children. (Putting children in such situations, like in a same-sex "marriage," is a subtle form of child abuse.)

4) They want to force businesses run by decent moral people to cater to the immoral, under penalty of fines and/or imprisonment. For example, they want to force Christian bakers to bake wedding cakes for heterophobic homosexuals, even if the bakers don't want to for religious reasons. In other words, pro-LGBT people want the right to discriminate against pro-heterosexual businesses, while taking away your right to "discriminate" against immoral people. (Is that bizarre or what.)

5) They want to use the schools as a pro-LGBT propaganda arm to impose their odd "values" on innocent little kids. In other words, they outrageously want schools to quasi-brainwash children and corrupt their morals.

6) They want to let sexually confused men (e.g., transgenders) use the same restroom your little girl uses, whether you like it or not. In other words, the "values" of pro-LGBT people are so upside-down and backwards that they actually put the disordered feelings of transgenders ABOVE the feelings of normal people. Hello! (And how do you tell a really sexually confused man from a faking sexually confused man?)

7) Generally speaking, they want the right to offend you (as by two men kissing in public), but they want to take away your right to offend them.

8) Due to a lot of promiscuous, unsafe, and exploitative sex, they are spreading a lot of STDs all over this country. Some of those diseases, like AIDS, cost society a lot of money to treat.